EU immigration ‘solutions’ could exacerbate anti-Euro sentiment

Some problems have only “bad” solutions (at least ‘bad’ for certain parties). Illegal immigration is a case in point. The EU is grappling with this now.

Europe attracts immigrants from northern Africa searching for a better life. They reach Europe crossing the Mediterranean by boat. The destination (arrival) points are driven by location, location, location, so Italy and Greece absorb the brunt of these immigrants.

This is a challenge for Italy and Greece (both of which have budget and resource constraints), as most migrants need subsidies and aid. The EU’s proposed solution is to relocate some of these immigrants to other member EU countries. This would ameliorate the financial burden for Greece and Italy, but it is certain to breed resentment across countries who would receive more immigrants.

Fringe political parties across Europe that have been gaining popular appeal frequently campaign on isolationist platforms. The news of the EU actively bringing immigrants has the potential to foster xenophobic sentiment and help anti-Euro political parties.


Source: The New York Times ‘European Union Asks Member Countries to Accept Quotas of Migrants’

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