I presented at the Value Investing Congress

Last Monday and Tuesday the Value Investing Congress took place in New York. I presented early on Monday. I was flattered to have been invited and found it a great experience. There were a lot of thoughtful people there, and I had some engaging discussions.

Putting together the presentation required a substantial investment of time and effort. My entire team deserve recognition for their help. Special thanks are due to Vladimir Vasilyev, who not only contributed a tremendous amount to the research but who also had thoughtful and invaluable insights into optimizing the presentation and delivery. Thanks, Vlad. (Also, Vlad – congratulations on the birth of Lucas, your second son.)

Barron’s did a nice job of summarizing my thoughts, so I’ll not recreate the wheel here.

With only so many hours in the day, the time required to synthesize and prepare for the VIC presentation squeezed out the occasional spare moments I’ve taken to blog periodically. Now that the VIC is over, I look forward to penning occasional thoughts as I observe interesting things.

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